Madame Mauve (and Lobstarr!)

Madame Mauve is a violet vision. She is lovely in lavender, a purple plum. Madame Mauve on stilts will be your most elegant tall party guest. Invite her polo watching perhaps? She loves garden parties as much as the Queens Plate and she will have the best view. Contact Hala to book your Periwinkle Stilt-walker in Toronto and the GTA.


IMG_7550Bonus: Lobstarr! This curious crustacean is a total star with kids and adults alike. They chase after him bowing “we’re not worthy” and demanding selfies. He creates endless laughs due to his surrealist existence. Be careful! he may threaten with his pincers. This costumed character is available for hire, not to be confused with the once-upon a time bayou crayfish “L’écrevissefeatured here which after being custom designed for Hala was retired back to its creators after three jazzy seasons of bouncy service.

IMG_20160408_184245-01Browse more of our available costumes and characters guaranteed to make your event memorable!


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