Circus Artists of Canada Association

Facilitating insurance for circus artists and fire performers

Circus Artists of Canada logoCircus Artists of Canada inc. is a not-for-profit federally incorporated association, created with the purpose of facilitating the first performers insurance for Canadian independent artists including coverage for fire. Association members are eligible for 1 to 2 Million dollars in third party general liability coverage.

In addition to her extensive performance experience and creative acumen, Hala is licensed with Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, a brokerage with Canada’s largest credit union, offering life and health insurance solutions as well as investment options. Hala has been committed to facilitating coverage for her peers, and after months of research and negotiations the right brokers and underwriters are on board to make this project possible. Hala founded the Circus Artists of Canada Association, and the unique performers insurance plan for members launched in Jan 1, 2016.

UNFORTUNATELY the circus Artist of Canada insurance program has closed as of Aug 1st, 2021, due to COVID and insurers no longer willing to insure the arts. Any future updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

If you are a low risk performer consider contacting Clowns Canada

What does it cover?
The Circus Artists of Canada program includes specialty insurance coverage for: Fire prop manipulators, fire dancers and jugglers including fire breathing. It also includes; aerial performers, hoop dancers, stilt-walkers, magicians, acrobatics and all other circus acts and party entertainment offering protection against bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties, i.e., venue or spectators who are present during an act. Complete coverage details and fees are listed on the Performers Insurance page. Teaching is now covered!
Why do we need it?
Until now, independent fire performers have been unable to obtain affordable comprehensive coverage that was valid in Canada. Venues want to make sure they are protected and while other programs do offer options for performers, fire protection has not been included. An American company that offers specialty performers insurance cannot legally cover Canadians. As this is the first program of its kind available in Canada, members of Circus Artists of Canada covers Canadian independent performers covered for fire and aerial performances and everything in between.
How do I become a member ?
Becoming a legal member of Circus Artists of Canada (O/O: 9522565 Canada Association) involves paying a membership fee of $25 CAD per year.  Your next step is to visit the Performers insurance FAQ page on this site for complete process details including insurance fees and parameters of coverage, and remember to join your community members discussions in the Circus Artists of Canada inc. Facebook group.
Yearly membership renewals
Please forward your $25 membership renewal fee via the same method. You will receive a new membership confirmation code every year and the renewal process will begin from there.
Circus Artists of Canada website: