Les Chasseurs de rêves / The Dream Hunters


This summer my wish was granted to perform on stilts with Les Chasseurs de rêves, Quebec’s most whimsical stilts troupe. Originally created in France, these master stilts puppets are dynamic and responsive, with an elephant that squirts water from its trunk, butterfly/bats that have three retractable sets of wings, giant dream hunting bird riders, and a forest of totems.

Six local Toronto professional stilt-walking colleagues performed for three days alongside the six Montreal troupe members (including several old Montreal stilting friends) for Panamainia at the PanAm games in Toronto July 2015. Hala is the one with the orange skirt playing the flute on stilts, it was truly elevating experience! This is a high level production and whether a small or large troupe is requested, all costumes and stilts puppets would have to be transported from Montreal even if local performers are also used. Please visit their website for more information: www.leschasseursdereves.com/en

Photos by artist and bodypainter and our face painter Natasha Kdaskina.

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