The first pair of stilts I owned were poweriser bouncy stilts when they came out in 2004. I proceeded to bounce around performing at various festivals including the Montreal Jazz festival for several consecutive years. They are short, and using powerisers is much more tiring than regular pole stilts, however sometimes the costume goes with the curved construction.  I am not an acrobat and do not perform flips in the air, but if your event requires a bouncy stilter I am one of the only women in Toronto who is available with a pair and a few select costumes to go well with it.

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The above set of photos spans 5 summers of work at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2005-2009. I had so much fun wearing that custom bouncy crayfish costume three years in a row for the Louisiana parade that happened daily during the festival. Too bad I could not keep it! I brought back the pink and green costumes from Rio de Jenairo Brazil which were escola de samba carnival costumes, and adapted them for Brazilian Drumcore parades in Montreal. I also no longer have those costumes.

The gallery below is of costumes I have worn with the low bouncy stilts and currently have available for powerisers. I will usually be able to adapt other costumes I have to work well with poweriser jumping stilts on client request.

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Dancing up a storm at CirQlar’s Glitch in the system Oct 2010

Montreal Jazz Festival daily Louisiana parade, 2007

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